Loreen O'Brien

Loreen O'Brien has over 20 years of combined experience as a therapist, clinical chaplain, and public school teacher.  She has 3 Masters Degrees: Divinity, Educational Leadership, and Mental Health Counseling. Loreen has been trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Yoga Nidra, EFT Tapping, Pranayama Breathing Techniques, and other mind-body modalities.

Loreen was a member of the Pink Dragon Ladies in 2008-2009 and took part in the Miami and Windsor, Canada races. She was diagnosed and treated for Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer in 2004.

Licensed therapist, Loreen O'Brien has a private practice in Wesley Chapel, Florida specializing in anxiety, grief, and spirituality. 

She is now taking the tools she uses in her practice and sharing them with others online through her Online Academy and Facebook Group - both called Free Soul Academy.

Loreen created Free Soul Academy, where she serves as instructor and coach, in order to reach more people who need effective tools for calming anxiety and updating limiting beliefs. 

Her online courses will be available Fall of 2018 at a fraction of what it would cost to enter private therapy.

Also, right now, you can join her closed Facebook Group for Free! In this group, she shares many of these helpful tools, even going live to teach the techniques.

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